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Wow Gold Farming Tips - Start Getting The Items You Want

In this article I'm going to explain Wow Gold Farming Tips that you can use to get the kinds of items you really want. Farming highly lucrative if you're serious about getting a lot of gold. Listed are a few spots that I've seen success farming in...

Great Farming Spots

Winterspring - You want to go to the regions that are north and also east of Everlook. In here you'll find tons of Ice Thistle Yetis, who you should farm like crazy. They have a pretty solid drop rate and you should get items such as vendor trash and green items. If you are a skinner, definitely try and aim at farming them because you can sell their Rugged and Tick Leather for some good dough at the Auction House.

Western Plaguelands - In this area you'll find Decaying Horrors and Rotting Behemoths. The great thing with these guys is they drop recipes for Greater Nature Protection Potion. You can find these mobs in the Weeping Cave which is the eastern section of the Western Plaguelands.

Eastern Plaguelands - One great item to farm for in this area is larval acids. These can be obtained by killing Carrion Grubs or Carrion Devourers. Larval acids can be sold for up to 7 pieces of gold, so since these mobs have a pretty high drop rate, this is a great area to farm.

Important Things to Note:
As stated, I've seen a good amount of success farming in the areas described. The only drawback was it took up way too much of my time because farming is very time consuming. Some of my friends have spent endless hours farming just to see a few pieces of gold. I got pretty frustrated with the amount of gold I was getting from how much time I was putting in. I invested in a gold making guide that revealed techniques chinese farmers use. They know the most efficient ways to farm which means you can see big returns without dishing out all the time.

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