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Ovarian Cancer and High in Fat and Meat Diets

Many have speculated that high diets of fat and/or meat might increase the risks of getting ovarian cancer for women. Yet most dairy and meat associations defend their products and say that there is not comprehensive studies or research that can confirm this, in fact they say that the industries are unnecessarily being condemned for something that is most likely completely false and conjecture at best. Of course they have financial motivation for saying that and so one has to question their sincerity.

When reviewing these claims further we see that they may actually have a point. The World Cancer Research Fund have studied the results of the tests and research and they too have concluded that high intakes of dairy, fats and meat products may not be a risk of ovarian cancer. There have not been enough in depth studies to prove anything either way. More studies are needed to determine if these claims are correct or not.

Milk consumption may not have any increase in the risk of ovarian cancer at all. The studies seem to be too limited and those research papers suggesting such may not be viable. Although others say that commercial interests are clouding the issue and claiming that more data is needed when plenty of data and proof already exists. Yet we know that milk products are important to our diets and help in many nutritional aspects. If nutrition is neglected due to perceived risks in ovarian cancer in women, then such advice can cause other health issues.

It is imperative that all women get with doctors and ask them about ovarian cancer, as it is very difficult to detect in its early stages. If you are a woman it would behoove you to do your own research and learn more about ovarian cancer. Think on this and stay informed.

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