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European Dairy Processing Industry Key Players

There has been a surprising rise in the demand of processed food in the European market. All this is because the lifestyle of people there has changed drastically and also the factor that consumerís opinion regarding their eating habits has changed in a significant manner. This is why food manufacturers there have started concentrating on manufacturing new innovative food products and ready to eat processed food so that it can keep up with the speed of ever changing taste of the consumers. This has also increased the demand of better quality food packaging, food processing and this increase in demand has increased the number of manufacturing units in Europe.

Independently held surveys claims that European food processing market will show fast paced growth in the next five years. It is also estimated that this food processing industry will show the annual growth of 15 percent in next five years. This all will be encouraged by changed trade rules and increased demand among the people. Demand of Processed food products such as juice based drinking concentrates, bottled water, organic food, herbal tea, fortified drinks and low fat dairy products have increased very much in last five years or so. According to that survey, Europeans are the largest consumers of processed food in the world and the European countries are going to be the biggest consumers of processed food because of their ever increasing per capita income and lifestyle which is also changing very rapidly.

A global review of a report on food and beverages market revealed that in Europe, consumer spending rate on processed food has increased at an average rate of 7.6 annually during the years 2001 to 2006. This thing is expected to continue as the consumer expense will rise with an average of around 8.6 percent till the year 2010.

The food processing industry covers a huge variety of food products. These products include both primary and secondary type of food. Food products such as wheat and rice products, sugar, oil, pulses are processed and converted into edible form and then to processed foods such as biscuits, cakes, fruit breads and other bakery products, confectionary products, dairy products, fast foods, packed breakfast, meat and fish products. In todayís world everything is processed and then packed in a way that it stays fresh for longer period of time. Then, there is consumerism, which has taken over the market in the past few years, has encouraged the introduction of a big range of ready to eat snacks, breakfast food, protein supplementary foods and many more.

The work done in food processing industry includes the practical implementation of rules of chemistry and all other branches of science which deals in preservation of food. It also includes a wise use of human brain and hands. Thus only best quality technologists, biotechnologists are made to work in this industry, so that every care is taken to maintain the quality of the packed food and every chance of any mistake is eliminated.

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